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How a supportive community can help you be a more effective leader
How a supportive community can help you be a more effective leader

As we understand more and more from neuroscience research about learning and habit formation, it becomes evident that our environment or context heavily influences our behaviour.

The significant influence of our environment is why many self-help programs, like Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous, include group support; because they know that it's a critical ingredient for success. 

We can all think of a time when we intended not to have that piece of cake, or those chips, or that drink at a party, and then found ourselves following along with friends and family and giving in to our cravings. 

Whether for good or ill, there is no denying the influence of those who we choose to surround ourselves with.

There are now masses of studies that show how cues from others' behaviours shape our decisions and habits over time. 

For example, in one study by economist Bruce Sacerdote of 1589 Dartmouth College students, it was found that when students with below-grade point averages began rooming with higher-scoring students, their grade point averages went up. According to researchers, roommates with a high-grade point average affected their lower-scoring roommates with good study habits.

Another sobering example from a study done over 32 years and published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that if you have a friend who becomes obese, your risk of becoming obese increases by 57%, even if your friend lives miles away. 

Both of the above studies underscore the importance of social networks in positively and negatively shaping our mindsets, behaviours, and habits. 

As you grow as a healthcare leader and develop your complexity leadership skills, you may find yourself swimming upstream against popular (though ineffective) thinking and practices. 

It is in these challenging moments, that an encouraging and supportive community will make all the difference. 

Through our commitment to your success and the sustainability of new ways of working, we've developed a Thought Leadership Community to do just this: support you in practising and embedding new ways of working. 

In our welcoming community of healthcare leaders who are dedicated to support, growth and renewal, you'll learn:

  • the complexity leadership skills to be an effective leader even when nothing is going as planned
  • how improving your thinking can decrease overwhelm, increase stamina and improve results
  • valuable strategies for when you're feeling tired, stressed and unfocused
  • how to have difficult conversations and deal with high-conflict situations
  • strategies for mental and physical recovery
  • techniques for finding relief, recovery and renewal in your life
  • how to manage your threat response to find balance in your work and life
  • and more!

Learn more about the Thought Leadership community here.


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