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Why does the CCL Designation Program require such a long time commitment?
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Based on the science of habit formation and behaviour change, new skills must be practiced repeatedly over time to ensure sustainable change. Our programs are designed with these evidence based principles and is the reason why we have been able to demonstrate repeatable results. 

Why should I choose your program over some of the other well established leadership programs?
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Many of our high-level leader graduates who have taken a multitude of leadership programs, have told us that our training is the most applicable, practical, and effective training that they have taken. They report that they constantly use the tools and frameworks provided in our programs to achieve results that they have never before have been able to achieve with other leadership/change management training. Please contact us to learn more and we would be happy to provide you with references. 

What kind of assessment tools does IAW offer?
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We offer Kolbe™ and Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment

Do you offer any free resources?
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Yes, our blog posts are always free and visible to everyone. We also have a free membership community (sign-up to access) where you can register for our live webinars, download 'An Evolution of Thinking for Healthcare Leaders', review case studies, watch short 1-minute videos, access our Kolbe resources and connect with other healthcare leaders.

Is your program accredited by any affiliated distinctions?
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Our Evolution of Thinking program is accredited by The Canadian College of Health Leaders. Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) to 10 Category II credits.

Can I attend these programs individually or are they team-based programs?
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We have a suite of offerings of programs that can be taken individually or with your team (i.e. intact teams, regional-based). Please contact us for us to assist you in determining what would best support your leadership development needs.

Is individual coaching offered outside of the IAW programs?
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Yes, we do conduct individual coaching sessions. We are certified in emotional intelligence, neuroleadership coaching as well as having other professional coaching designations. We have extensive experience coaching and demonstrating success with hundreds of leaders and teams in both for-profit and non profit environments in healthcare. To book a coaching session with us, please contact us.

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