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Take the Complexity Leadership Quotient: grow, become an effective leader and reduce overwhelm
Take the Complexity Leadership Quotient: grow, become an effective leader and reduce overwhelm

It was spring, 2020. 

At the peak of uncertainty about the novel coronavirus, healthcare providers were scrambling to find their footing amongst unprecedented chaos and ever-changing circumstances. 

Helen, a hospital Chief of Staff, was spending most of her nights awake - trying to become an overnight expert in virology and immunology to maintain a sense of order and control. 

At a different time, studying virology and immunology might have helped to give Helen the edge she needed to manage a challenging situation, but in the unpredictable, novel world of Covid-19, it didn’t work. 

Despite everything she learned, Helen couldn’t stay ahead of the changes and she couldn’t control a situation that she thought should be controllable. 

Her old ways of thinking and working and her past methods for finding success were rendered useless. 

Helen burnt out trying to control the uncontrollable and ended up resigning her position. 


This story is not one that we’ve heard in isolation. In fact, since 2020, cases like this have been more and more common. 

But for those healthcare leaders like you, who’ve held on despite the challenges of the last few years, things are changing. 

There is a growing awareness that the skills that got you to your current position are not the skills that you need to be effective in the future. 

Instead of banging your head against the wall trying to force old strategies to work in an increasingly complex world, it’s time to embrace new ways of thinking and working. 

As industry-leading experts in complexity leadership training for over a decade, we are certain about one thing: there has never been a greater need or a better time to learn our complexity leadership skills. 

This is why we’ve developed our Complexity Leadership Quotient

This brief screening tool is the perfect place for you to start your journey towards new ways of thinking and working. 

The Complexity Leadership Quotient outlines 3 critical skills that you need to be effective in this new world and ways you can work to improve them. 

In working with hundreds of leaders, we also know this: the longer you wait for the right time to learn these skills, the harder it gets. Now is the time. Let’s get you started on your journey towards growth, improved performance and decreased overwhelm. 

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