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Healthcare leadership skills for the complexities of today.

Expert coaching and evidence-based leadership training to help you evolve your thinking, adapt to complexity, and lead successfully in an uncertain world.

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Traditional ways of doing things no longer work.

As a dedicated healthcare leader, you want to support your team the best you can, but it is not easy. You feel stuck, and it is impossible to help people when you are dealing with the old, linear, static ways of thinking and immovable protocols engrained in the industry. Without a new set of resilient leadership skills, you will continue to feel ill-equipped, overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted in today's unfamiliar circumstances.

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated trying to lead in the chaos and complexity of our times? You are not alone but we can help you evolve your thinking, overcome the overwhelm and become a resilient leader.



At Instincts at Work, we help healthcare leaders across Canada, such as CEOs, senior leadership teams, executives, directors, managers, and others, evolve their thinking to become more adaptable, innovative, and resilient to feel ready to face today’s demands.


We will show you ways to adapt to overcome the overwhelm so that you can continue to help others and reach your career goals. Maintain focus, clarity and performance when there are too many variables, too little control and uncertainties far and wide.


Human-centred and personable, we teach you to trust your instincts and integrate and use your creativity to solve problems. You have a great deal of knowledge already, but leading in complexity requires a shift in mindset. We help you shift to that mindset and give you lasting solutions.

We are here to help you become a resilient leader.

We have an intimate understanding and many years of experience helping highly technical healthcare experts build effective teams. Since 2009, Instincts at Work has helped thousands of healthcare leaders achieve high performance, enhanced communication, strong relationships, increased capacity, sustainable solutions, and effective leadership.

Always well-informed and up-to-date, Instincts at Work provides a range of services to bring tools, techniques and new ways of thinking to your organization, ready to face the future.


increase in alignment to a common vision


improvement in team integration and performance


increase in engagement of stakeholders


increase in the ability to think more strategically and have a growth mindset


increase in flexible thinking by focusing on vision, not just problems


increase in the ability to explore creative solutions

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Your journey to resilient healthcare leadership starts with three easy steps.

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Find out if our methodologies are the right fit for your team with our webinar on increasing focus and attention.

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Book a 15 minute consultation with us to discover which programs are right for you.

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Become Resilient

Apply for the Certified Complexity Leadership Designation and solidify your journey.


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journey with us.

How will your expertise help me?
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Our expertise is in coaching healthcare leaders and teams across Canada to adapt to ever-changing, complex environments. You need new leadership skills designed to help you thrive in unfamiliar circumstances. Our Certified Complexity Leadership (CCL) curriculum will give you those skills. Achieving designation as a Certified Complexity Leader through Instincts at Work will show that you have what it takes to lead into the future of healthcare transformation.
What makes you different from other leadership experts and coaches?
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Instincts at Work's techniques and teachings are not just theoretical. Everything is grounded in research but is also based around the science of habit formation. Ultimately, transformation is a result of new habits. Though the knowledge we provide is always helpful, applicable, and practical, you will get results because your leadership behaviours and habits will change.
What is it like working with you?
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Instincts at Work delivers information in an authentic and personable manner. We customize your learning experience to ensure you get results. We include real life examples and anecdotes to make learning more relevant. We provide knowledge and coaching in a way that is empathetic, insightful and real. We challenge you to make changes that make a difference.
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The Evolution of Performance program is one of the most valuable on the job training programs that I have participated in during my career…

“The Evolution of Performance program is one of the most valuable on the job training programs that I have participated in during my career. I was able to work through and practice the material and gather feedback in real time, both through the group coaching and my own coach. I thought I was able to hold my team accountable before, but now I know how much more I can do to get where we need to be. I would recommend the program to anyone who is ready and willing to be a better leader.”

Sylvie Guenther
Executive Director

The 3 critical skills you need to lead in an increasingly complex world

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